Image Sensors Market

Image Sensors Market – Deep dive into strategies of Leading players

Image sensors are effectively being used across wide range of applications from consumer electronics, photography to medical equipment and others. Increasing demand for high-end cameras, mobile smart phones, camcorders, and security cameras (CCTVs) have led the image sensors market to experience significant growth in the recent years. The study on curved sensors by Researchers at […]

telecom Industry

Telecommunication: Digital Transformation in telecom Industry

Over the last decade, Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing industry, which has not only revolutionized the way of communication, but has also opened numerous opportunities for businesses to prosper. Telecom industry has enabled people across the world to be connected. This has also paved path for online businesses to grow, which is an […]

Intelligent Vending Machines

Intelligent Vending Machines: Market Outlook

Intelligent vending machines would eventually replace the traditional methods of transactions. Vending machine industry has always been a customer oriented industry, which offered variety of food & beverage options at economic prices. Technology used in the industry has evolved significantly over the years, from coin-operated vending machine i.e. dumb terminals to cashless vending machines, fingerprint […]


Artificial Intelligence (AI) – A Modern approach

Since the era of computers or machines, the ability of machines has grown exponentially. Machines were developed so that they could perform various tasks seamlessly, in various industrial segments. With the widespread adoption of AI into main stream human lives, it has been almost impossible to live without the intervention of AI’s. Artificial Intelligence is […]